Grass Field Beef


We are a family farm raising "Local Grassfed Beef" for the San Antonio area. We proudly raise "Certified Grassfed Beef" that is Animal Welfare Approved.  The only USDA approved third-party certification label supporting and promoting family farmers who raise their animals with the highest standards, outdoors, on pasture as nature intended.

Benefits of Grassfield Beef

  • 100% grassfed no grains are ever fed
  • Locally raised 25 miles west of San Antonio
  • Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Angus genetics used proven delicious
  • Certified by the American Grassfed Association
  • Ranch and processor both Animal Welfare Approved
  • Ground beef available in 1 pound cryovac packages, 10 pound cases
  • Shelf life: 9 months

In the News

Now featuring locally grown farm fresh eggs and vegetables for the San Antonio market!

The Bendele family was featured in this year's Super Bowl ad for Dodge Ram - "So God made a farmer."

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Grass Field Farms - Hondo,  Texas

Grass Field Beef - Hondo,  Texas