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We are most known for our high quality ground beef and pork, it is like no one else's. Unlike others that use the majority of trimmings, we include mostly prime cuts such as brisket, round steak and cutlets, hence the name "Ground Steak."

Grass-fed Beef

Ground Beef (Steak)



Vary in cut, size

and price.



Priced per pound.

Osso Bucco/Soup Bone


Pastured Pork

Ground Pork


Pan Sausage


Pork Chops


Beef + Pork

Link Sausage


50% Grass-fed Beef +

50% Pastured Pork

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All of our 100% grass-fed beef & pastured pork is dry aged, vacuum sealed and flash frozen weekly. Our cuts are packed in traditional retail size packs such as: 1 lb ground meats & 1/3 to 1 lb steaks. Weights of each pack may vary slightly. 

*We occasionally offer whole and sides of beef. Call Fohn for pricing and availability.