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We live in San Angelo and travel to Hondo whenever we get the chance, just for these great grass-fed meats. When we lived in San Antonio, we also bought meats from Grassfield. It's been 4 years of great service, great meat, and all very reasonably priced for the quality. I would recommend Grassfield Farm over any other local meat farmer. Not only do we trust the source, but we experience the difference when compared with others. 

- April Ward -

Hands down the best grass fed ground beef and steaks I've ever had at a great price! In a world where sacrificing quality for financial gain has become the norm I'm glad that there are still a few that do it RIGHT! Thank you guys so much!! Love the pasture raised eggs too!!


- Joshua Vinson -
We moved to Hondo a few years ago from San Antonio, but when we left the big city, we thought we would have to leave our farmer's market behind as well. Little did we know that just down the road we had a great source in Grassfield Farm. After meeting the family and using their products, we couldn't be happier. 
Thank you for taking such pride in what you do. 


- The Kusch Family -

I love the meat and eggs we've been buying from you! I have told my friends about your farm and even shared what we have purchased with them! Thanks for always being willing to meet us and deliver to us, although we did enjoy the trip to Hondo one weekend! As long as we're in SA, I plan on buying from you!


- Audrey Byers -