Organic Coffee | Triple Bag (36oz)
  • Organic Coffee | Triple Bag (36oz)

    About a two-week supply of beans for 3-4 coffee drinkers.


    About Grassfield Farm Organic Coffee:

    Here at Grassfield Farm located in south Texas, we have partnered with a small coffee roaster where we source high-quality organic beans grown without any damaging chemicals or unwanted ingredients. When you drink a cup of Grassfield Farm Organic Coffee, you're consuming coffee beans that are much better for your health, the farmers who grow the coffee, and for the environment.


    Cocky Rooster (light roast)

    This beautiful blend makes for a great anytime cup of coffee. Velvet Soul mixes with Central and South American beans for an end result that offers smooth, mellow brightness with hints of dark chocolate, caramel, fresh berries, and a touch of citrus.


    No Bull (medium roast)

    Best described as a well-rounded medium roast, it's creamy with a hint of dark chocolate. Naturally processed & sun-dried. “No Bull” is an organic Brazil coffee bean grown exclusively on a 3rd generation family farm. This small farm practices organic composting and uses micro-organisms to enhance the soil to improve the quality of the beans. 


    Tractor Pull (Dark Roast)

    "Tractor Pull" is our darkest roast & Jana’s favorite:) Our organic beans produce a full bodied cup of coffee with hints of dark cocoa and brown sugar. Although presented as an espresso blend, it makes for an outstanding drip brew as well. You definitely have to give this one a try!