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5th Generation Family Farm

Grassfield Farm is owned and operated by the Bendele Family in Hondo Texas.  Fohn, Jana, and their four children raise livestock the old fashioned way.  Our cattle graze on a variety of grasses from start to finish and we never use antibiotics, hormones or grain.  Our ranch is certified & audited annually by the American Grassfed Association and we are Animal Welfare Approved.  This means you can be assured we do everything we say we do.


Fohn & Jana are fifth generation farmers and their family has been farming in Medina County since the 1800's.  They are both passionate about treating the land and their animals with care and respect.  Managing the grasses growing in the fields where the cattle, pigs and hens forage results in sustainable nutrition year around.

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Our small family farm is certified grass-fed & animal welfare approved. This assures transparency, accountability, and a connection between people, animals, and land. We have sustainable beef, pasture-raised pork and free range eggs in Hondo, TX. Give us a call and ask about our products today! 

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