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Fohn and Jana Bendele


Fohn Bendele and his wife Jana started Grassfield farm 25 years ago when they got married.

Fohn and Jana feel very blessed to be able to raise their family on a sustainable farm. They

find great joy in providing the highest quality grass-fed meats and eggs for their likeminded

customers. You can catch them by phone several days a week while they are out making

deliveries in the San Antonio area. As you can see from the photo, they are proud of their

German heritage : )



​Krisann is in charge of our advertising and marketing.

She recently married her husband Avery and they now live in San Antonio.

Their wedding was featured in San Antonio Woman! Check it out here.


William Water.jpg

William is now a senior at Texas State University studying Agriculture; consequently, Fohn

has lost his right hand man, who usually had a list a mile long of things to get done on the farm.

Driving tractors and building everything from chicken houses to BBQ pits since he was little,

William has the knowledge and experience it takes to be the official "Fix it and make it work" guy

that we rely on!



Brad performs a variety of tasks that include inventory control, packaging and shipping.

On a weekly basis, he helps move our cattle to new pastures. During his free time, he

enjoys playing tennis! 



Caroline (Brad's twin) is the official photographer on the ranch and can be seen several times a

week driving off on her golf cart with all of the dogs and a camera. When she's not cheering on the

sidelines, she is sorting and packing our orders for sale. She's always providing Krisann with new

photos to work with, too!

Farm Dogs

farm dogs.jpg

​Our four rescue dogs, Ollie, Kit, Toby, and Sam, work hard protecting and patrolling the pastures from

any predators. Our livestock is so thankful for such a devoted team!

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